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Why take this course?

  • Do you feel like your voice has a block and want access to your full range?

  • Do you struggle with the confidence to sing and share your voice?

  • Are you embarrassed, judgmental or overly critical of your voice?

  • Do you find it difficult to have enough air to support your singing?

  • Would you like to have more richness, power, volume and range with your voice?

Take this Course and You Will:

  • Free your voice to sing with confidence, clarity and precision.

  • Learn where to sing from and why.

  • Access the fullest expression, richness and power of your voice.

  • Expand your lungs and breath more effectively while singing

  • Learn how to love and accept your voice as it is.

  • How to sing from your heart for the greatest impact.

I have been singing, recording, touring and teaching for over 20 years. I’ve also been on the yogic path for over 15 years. In that time, I've learned that so many of us want to share our singing voice but are too embarrassed, judgmental and critical of our most intimate expression of our heart and soul. I’ve designed this course to offer the most potent exercises and understanding to empower and free your voice. It's designed so anyone will benefit from the course, whether you are just beginning or are an expert singer. Take this course and experience your voice with freedom!

Course Content

    1. Intro to Free Your Voice

    2. Addressing Voice Trauma

    3. The Four Voices

    4. The Chest Voice

    5. Vocal Slides

    6. Chakra Vocal Warm Up

    7. The Naval Voice

    8. Lung Expansion, Pranyama

    9. Cosmic Breath

    10. Yoga Practices to Activate the Voice

    11. Closing - Free Your Voice

About this course

  • $198.00
  • 11 lessons

Bonus Material!

  • Breath Practices to Expand Lung Capacity

    $45 Value

    Two different classes with a variety of breath practices to expand your lungs and give you more capacity to hold longer, richer notes.

  • Yoga Practices to Open the Voice

    $30 Value

    Specific yogic practices to open up the voice.

  • 2 Week Money Back Guarantee!


“I've learned more in these lessons than my combined 5 years of lessons with other teachers. I've gained so much more confidence, richness and range in my voice. Incredible!” Greg Warnick

"Through his voice coaching, I have unlocked a part of myself deep within that was untapped.  His guidance has supported me to become comfortable expressing my authentic inner voice through devotional chanting.”  Claire Zovko   

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Free Your Voice's Greatest Potential

Ananda Das


Ananda Das has a passion for sharing his love and techniques for singing, music, devotion (bhakti) and yogic practices. He regularly teaches groups and one on one which were the foundation for his state of the art practices to develop the voice's greatest potential and to open to unbounded depths of devotion. He has been singing and playing guitar since 2000 and with over 15 years on the yogic path, he brings a devotional depth to his offerings which imparts a transmission and empowerment. Ananda has released 2 studio solo albums as well as over 14 albums with his music/business partner Jaya Lakshmi. Known as the duo Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda, they toured and held over 200 events each year from 2011-2020. Ananda has been a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by the Kundalini Research Institute since 2006. In April 2020, he completed a 300hr teacher training in the Himalayan Yoga tradition known as Sattva Yoga. In May of 2020, he also completed an 18 day, 60 hour course on the Bhagavad Gita, both the 300hr and Gita courses we taught by Anand Mehrotra, a himalayan yogic master. In addition to his BA in international and sustainable business, he has a minor in East Asian Religions and studied yogic philosophy at the University of Oregon and the Dharmalaya (2003-2009).